Unpacking the power of purchase, packaging and returns experiences

With so many options for purchasing beauty products online, multiple factors are in play to drive a customer to choose one brand over another. Our recent consumer survey revealed that 65% of shoppers say convenience is the most important reason they are more likely to purchase beauty products online.

In response, beauty brands are inspiring loyalty through a seamless omnichannel approach, giving close attention to not only the purchase experience, but also post-click operations such as packaging and returns. By eliminating channel conflict, ensuring brand representation upon delivery, and simplifying post-purchase activities for consumers, beauty brands are striking a balance between personalization and convenience to capture long-term loyalty. 

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  • Inspiring brand loyalty post-purchase
  • Leveraging stores to support the online channel
  • Elevating unboxing experiences
  • Reducing and simplifying returns

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Built for Beauty

Storing and distributing beauty & cosmetics products comes with its own unique set of opportunities to demonstrate our capabilities.

Our fulfillment offering inherently supports customized solutions that are designed specifically for the unique requirements of beauty and cosmetics:

  • Branded Packout: We are the pros at branded packout. The orders we fulfill deliver more than just a product, we deliver branded experiences that inspire loyalty.

  • Personalization services: We can support any form of product customization, including engraving, embroidery, embossing, dramming and more.

  • Scalable systems: Our scalable systems are responsive to seasonal and promotional spikes and support expiration planning and other requirements specific to beauty.

  • Product storage: With climate-controlled facilities, small product storage racking and special storage for HAZMAT requirements, we are uniquely equipped to fulfill beauty products.

  • Customer care: High-touch customer service with agents who transparently represent each brand’s spirit and values.

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Elevate your Brand

PFS is the premier eCommerce order fulfillment provider supporting beauty brands selling online. With scalable solutions that support peak volumes and value-added services creating deep personalization, beauty brands look to us to fulfill brand-centric experiences that inspire customer loyalty.

Reinforcing our fulfillment operations are our proven customer service, order management, fraud prevention and payment processing solutions. We support B2B and DTC operations for brands and retailers worldwide with 20+ years of experience in the industry.

With a unique focus on branded eCommerce solutions, PFS keeps our clients’ individual spirit and values front and center with every order.


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Discover key strategies to owning your own brand and inspiring long-term loyalty. 

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Discover strategies to help own your own brand and inspire long-term loyalty. 

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